Shudhbodh The way of Awareness

What is Shudhbodh

“Shudh Bodh” implies the direct experience of the truth. In other words, seeing the reality as it is in its pure form. It means lifting the veil of ignorance or imagination to witness the truth in its pristine form. “Truth” here refers to the true form of everything that we are surrounded with. Truth; not enmeshed with contaminants of imagination or ignorance, which is true for all and is beyond interpretations and perspectives, and which in itself is unbiased. Every living being should be able to witness this all pervasive ever so eternal truth. It resides inside everyone but we are just ignorant of it. The very realization of this truth opens the door for liberation or moksha. One doesn’t need to seek it outside of himself. Rather he needs to burn every last remaining fragment of ignorance and the truth reveals itself to him. To witness one’s true form in its totality is known as Shudh Bodh

The way of Awraeness

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