Shudhbodh The way of Awareness

The Journey of Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar

The Journey of Ravi Shankar

“Shudhbodh” is the brain-child of Ravi Shankar who identifies himself as a seeker. His journey has been an exemplary one; from a fitness enthusiast to a combat sports trainer and from combat sports trainer to a meditator and yoga practioner, he has worn multiple hats and now he feels the overwhelming need of serving the society. He feels that we, as a society, have been more or less successful in attaining the material goals and are pretty much living a fulfilled life on the outside. But what about the increasing turmoil one faces on the inside? He first witnessed his own turmoil by subjecting himself to intense introspection and objective assessment of his body-mind patterns, something which is referred to as “Meditation” in the contemporary spiritual sphere. And once he experienced the joy one relishes when one sees the reality in pure, unadulterated form, he made a commitment to himself that he would share this knowledge with as many people as possible. His idea of meditation is simple and yet not very simple; be a pure witness and your natural state will reveal itself to you. To find a practical solution for the aforementioned, he has developed his own meditation technique at the back of years of meditation and potent research on ancient texts. He has developed his own step-by-step method, “Shudh Bodh” to help people witness their natural state. He wants to dedicate the remainder of his life in helping people raise their consciousness and live a more fulfilling and fruite.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of Shudhbodh is to give the taste of the elixir of “CONSCIOUS LIVING” to one and all. It gives an alternative to a life dictated by conditioned responses and unwholesome patterns of thoughts and behaviour. Once one becomes conscious and sees the reality; his reality and the reality of the world around him, he gets liberated from an endless cycle of suffering.

But any theory which is not put into practice just adds to the debris of ignorance so let’s practice together and lead a more conscious, more meaningful life.


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