Shudhbodh The way of Awareness

Welcome to Shudhbodh The way of Awareness

Regular practice of “Shudh Bodh” raises our levels of awareness. This awareness pertains to the awareness of your body, your thoughts and the universe that surrounds you. This objective awareness brings divine peace that works as an antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meditation Teacher

 Ravi Shankar  

“Shudhbodh” is the brain-child of Ravi Shankar who identifies himself as a seeker. His journey has been an exemplary one; from a fitness enthusiast to a combat sports trainer and from combat sports trainer to a meditator and yoga practioner 

What is Shudhbodh

“Shudh Bodh” implies the direct
experience of the truth. In other
words, seeing the reality as it
is in its pure form. It means lift..

Benifits of Shudhbodh

increase meditation
Increases Concentration
anxiety, fear
Promotes a sense of ease with onself
control your monkey mind
Effective tool to deal with fear, anxiety, stress, etc.
Enhances overall well-being
control your monkey mind
Helps in understanding and controlling the monkey mind
increase awareness levels
Increases awareness levels
increase self confidence
Increases self-confidence
promotes a sense
Promotes a sense of ease with onself

Take your first step for your self Awareness


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