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Destructive Thought


A man’s thoughts are shaped by his upbringing and conditionings of various kinds. His thoughts are configured by the patterns he has inherited from his parents and are, in equal degree, influenced by the perceptions of his loved ones as well as the encounters he has with various people.

One sick thought that has spoiled the entire human race, that has robbed us of our innocence, that has poisoned the childhood of children, and that has made a dead corpse of humanity is the thought that
“I am superior to all and I have to assert this superiority in every way possible!”. This has given rise to an unhealthy obsession with a sense of competition and has indeed reduced the value education to that of a 100m race. I will in fact go to such lengths and say that not even a nuclear bomb can match the level of destruction which unhealthy competition has inflicted upon us. It might look an exaggeration but a careful examination will reveal otherwise. This very thought of asserting supremacy lies at the very roots of social evils such as the caste system, hierarchical arrangements etc. How many students end up committing suicide just because they scored “relatively” lesser than best! Hypothetically speaking, were the marks of the entire class scaled down to match his performance, he wouldn’t have committed suicide because he wouldn’t be feeling inferior anymore. He gave away his life in the first place not because of the marks but because of the feeling of inferiority associated with his less marks. The very moment you take the “marks”, “competition”, “performance” out of the equation, you normalize the situation because no one any longer feels the urge to establish his supremacy over the other. The situation has now changed a lot just by taking the urge to compete out of the picture. A minor adjustment with major upshot!

Actually, students are more obsessed with the idea of securing the first position in anything and everything and this idea of “asserting superiority” percolates down from by-gone generations. And the fun fact is; NO ONE KNOWS WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE THE BEST!! God or Life-Energy or Creative Consciousness made us all the very same! These differences and demarcations are the mindless ideologies of us the humans.

  • Casteism This is how the caste system was developed. Some capable people literally formed a lobby and in order to devour a feeling of supremacy, they grouped together the less capable ones and tagged them as “Shudras” and deprived them of their rights. These “Shudraswere treated worse than animals and were made to dedicate their lives for the service of the so-called upper caste people. To make sure that they remain intellectually inferior, they were made not to attend schools. To make sure that they never become financially sound, they were made not pursue monetary goals at all costs. And the core reason behind this cold-heartedness is to facilitate some people to exert their superiority!
  • Supremacy of one’s religion- There are roughly 400 religions prevalent in this world and every religion wants to market itself as the best one; to the extent that they have resorted to mass genocide to do so! Imagine slaughtering thousands of innocent people just to uphold one’s religion and religious beliefs as the ultimate! The so called gate-keepers of religion brainwashed people into believing that one’s religion is more important than one’s kindness, humanity, and compassion whereas I believe that this idea itself is sickening. If a religion teaches you to kill people, you better change your religion or get rid of this whole idea of a mandatory association with any religion. A harmless irreligious man is closer to God than a dangerous religious fanatic! Humanity should be the only religion! You just need to peek not farther into the history to observe that the very idea of religious supremacy has caused annihilation and man-slaughter of spine-chilling degrees, enough to put even devil to shame. And the insanity continues even today! That is why it is very important to keep the idea of “my religion is the best” at bay otherwise this very idea will insidiously infiltrate into your thoughts and turn you into a hate-mongering lunatic. The moment you get rid of this idea, you will suddenly start breathing. You will find yourself leaping into the oceans of love, laughter, and joy. You will be able to objectively look at yourself once you are out of this cesspool. You will not bother what others think of you. You will feel liberated, aware, and more mindful. This sets you right on the path of Nirvana or liberation.



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