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One day retreat with Ravi shankar

One day Retreat
There are many benefits of the one day retreat and this one day can change your life. This one day can enhance your awareness of your thoughts and can help you in reflecting upon yourself in a very objective way.

Suitable For


It is suitable for beginners and those people who want to manage their thoughts. It will also help people who are suffering from mild depression, anxiety, or are susceptible to overthinking.


People who have been doing meditation of any kind, this gives them a chance to dive deeper into meditation. It will fortify their overall meditation, give them time to stay away from the hustle of life and meditate for one full day, and supplement their existing meditation practice. Anyone who is interested in attaining equanimity at the mental level, realising his natural state, and getting freedom from the negative thinking pattern will benefit greatly from this one day retreat.


  • 1. Witnessing the divine energy
  • The first step will be to develop the awareness of the divine energy; how is energy related to body and how is it affected by the mind.
  • 2. Anapana
    We will develop awareness of our natural breathing and will develop an understanding of how is it affected by the body and the mind. This awareness helps us in taking the first step toward Samadhi
  • 3. Anhad Naad
    There is no sound without by movement except for one; that sound is Anhad Naad.
  • Via Anhad Naad, we will try to know what that sound is and where is it coming from. This sound is prevalent in the entire cosmos and is playing in the background even in our own bodies and in order to witness this sound, we will plunge into deep meditative state.
  • 4. Body Detachment
    All the above steps with culminate into the wisdom and knowledge that we are not the body. What we really are will lie exposed in the light of awareness cultivated by the meditation. This awareness or deep meditative contemplation is the entrance of the Samadhi which results in ultimate self realisation.
  • 5. Q&A
    Towards the end, the participants can ask their questions in relation to the practice or are free to share their experience of the workshop.
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