Shudhbodh The way of Awareness

The second sense is the Auditory sense which is related with the “air” element and its subject is “word”. One always wants to hear the sweat and sugar-coated words via one’s ears and he absolutely despises anything unpleasant. The harsh or cacophonic words trigger the fire element in the body and consequently the flames of anger consume a person and rattle him in the worst manner possible. A person should listen to both the sweet and not so sweet words with the same objective attitude and maintain the same objectivity while witnessing the sensations caused by both types of words. This way he can make sure that his consciousness stays clear of any impressions made by the words.

Third sense is the olfactory sense and is related with the “earth” element and its subject is smell. Our nose is reliant on smells of all kinds and it abhors malodour. A person should use his objective intelligence and should not get attached to the feelings, negative or positive, in response to the smells.

Fourth sense is the sense of taste. It is related to the “water” element and its subject is “juice”. It longs for the delicious, mouth-watering, splendidly prepared dishes. There are six types of juices in this world: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy and astringent. The tongue always longs for the tasting the aforementioned six juices in various permutations and combinations. A person should not get attached to these juices and should rather timely consume “saatvik” food without building any unhealthy bonds with the food.

The fifth sense pertains to the reproductive organ which is related to the “water” element and it is entrusted with the job of excretion and intercourse. A person gets so addicted to the whole process of having an intercourse that he loses his awareness for once and all and he loses his power of differentiating between right and wrong. A person driven by lust can infact end up ignoring the bare minimum moral standards which otherwise he wouldn’t and this marks the beginning of his downfall. A person should introspect on why has the nature bestowed upon us the power to reproduce and how much of sexual desire is safe and within the limits. He should not let his sexual desire run riots and rather he should stay objective to this whole phenomenon.

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